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Planning & Development

Indoor and outdoor LED, LCD, etc. display systems, whether as permanent installations or for events - including substructures, logic and interface integration.

Exemplary references: Planning and development, coordination and installation of sunlight-readable bus stop information displays.

Construction & Installation

Well-rehearsed teams, tried-and-tested processes, where every move is right.
This is the only way projects can be completed cleanly and quickly.

Power is work per time


Exemplary references:

Project management  & project management

From putting together assembly teams, scheduling, external company coordination, to reporting and evaluation:
all from a single source

rental and sale

We identify your requirement profile and procure ideal - not just sufficient - products for you. We can negotiate attractive conditions and at the same time offer the highest quality.

Offered are, among other things, LCD-LED displays for meeting rooms, LCD or LED display boards, LED video cubes, architectural LED installations and LED bands for the sports sector, as well as individual LED or LCD screens made to order for indoor and outdoor use -Applications

Exemplary references:

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