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Sunlight displays in public transport infotainment

Displays that are easy to read even under the strongest sunlight are unique on the market, but at the same time they are essential for many applications.

In particular, the new development based on customer requirements for housing technology and air conditioning, in order to create a low-maintenance and durable outdoor system. This includes installations in Finland, where extreme weather conditions prevail.


The first displays of this type aresince 2007 uninterrupted until todayin operation without the need for repairs.

Substructures for LED & LCD Walls

Well-rehearsed teams, tried-and-tested processes, where every move is right and
professional cooperation with other service providers on site.
This is the only way projects can be completed cleanly and quickly.

Power is work per time

Project leadership and project management

As a full-service provider, the arv team accompanies the customer from the needs analysis, creation of the statics, project management and interface coordination, through assembly to the creation of the content.

rental and sale

We identify your requirement profile and procure ideal - not just sufficient - products for you.

We can negotiate attractive conditions and at the same time offer the highest quality.

Offered are LCD-LED displays for meeting rooms, LCD or LED display boards, LED video cubes, architectural LED installations and LED bands for the sports sector, as well as individual LED or LCD screens made to order for indoor and outdoor use. applications

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